Vrai Table

How We’re Different

Vrai (pronounced with a long “A” like “say”) is about creating a dining experience that aligns the food we eat with our health and the environment.  It’s about the ingredients, how they are grown and then how they are prepared and served to our guests.  We don’t want to be called a “health food” restaurant or a “diet” restaurant.  But we do want to present dining options that are fresh, nutritious, unprocessed, and are chemical and pesticide free to the extent possible.

We believe that starts by using organic and/or local ingredients.  While our menu is not 100% organic or 100% local, the preponderance of our products are.  We believe in using free range, grass fed, hormone free animal products.   We work with local farms to source much of our eggs, dairy and meats.  Some products however, are difficult to source locally in the quantities we need so we may source from other high quality, non-local providers.  We believe every little step you take to eating this way, can contribute to feeling and living better.

Our Pizza

pizza-ovenWe use an old school wood fired pizza oven, no gas burner here!  Yes, it’s harder to manage the oven temperature, but we believe it produces the most flavorful crust with the perfect char.  Even our wood is FDA approved to be clean and insect free.

We start our pizzas by custom blending our flour using primarily Daisy Organic Flours (Annville, Pa).  We incorporate whole grains into the blend as we believe it produces a more satisfying (and healthier!) crust.   We then use a slow fermentation process in our dough to create a more easily digestible pizza.

The pizzas are then prepared Neopolitan style, meaning they are not overloaded with toppings.  Instead, we exercise restraint as we attempt to achieve the perfect balance of the various ingredients.  We want every bite to come together to create a perfect symphony of flavor in your mouth!

Our Pantry

chicken-imageWe know that not all fats are created equal, that’s why most of our cooking is done with extra virgin olive oil as it is one of the healthier fats available.  Some of our dishes are finished with butter or ghee because of the unique flavor butter imparts, but olive oil is our go to cooking fat.   We also use things like coconut oil and flax seeds to provide the necessary fat, texture and flavor in many dishes.

For baking, we replace traditional white sugar whenever possible with honey, maple crystals, coconut sugar and other more natural sweeteners.  We use things like arrowroot and agar agar (made from algae) as thickeners, rather than the highly processed cornstarch.  Similarly, we make our own nut milks and nut cheeses to provide nutritious and vegan alternatives to animal products.

These are just a few of the things that make us different.  We hope you will share with us this journey towards what we believe is a better way of eating.