January 22, 2016

Welcome to Vrai
(pronounced with a long “A” as in “say”)

Vrai Restaurant & Bar

Vrai is about creating a dining experience that aligns the food we eat with our health and the environment. It starts with the ingredients, how they are grown and then how they are prepared and served to our guests. We don’t want to be called a “health food” restaurant or a “diet” restaurant. But we do want to present dining options that are fresh, nutritious, unprocessed, and are chemical and pesticide free to the extent possible. We partner with not only with local farmers, but with other local businesses as well. For example, we are excited about our restaurant furniture, made in nearby Hanover Pa by EMECO. Our white Navy chairs are made with recycled coca-cola bottles, and our Alfi chair seats, are made with 100% post consumer materials. We look forward to sharing more of our story and feature partners in future posts.